Van Dutch 40 for rent

If you want to rent a boat to do a recreational activity with your friends or family, we recommend you give the Van Dutch 40 model a chance, since it has great physical characteristics that are ideal for any gathering.
Therefore, below we will tell you everything you want to know about this amazing watercraft and what essential features it has for your comfort on the wide ocean.
Apart from that, we will look at the additional benefits that renting this boat brings, through the services that Ibiza Charter Barracuda offers you.

Features of the Van Dutch 40
The Van Dutch 40 boat model is equipped with a pair of V engines that allow you to reach a speed of 32 to 40 knots, this can vary depending on the power and fuel consumption, in addition, this engine system is very quiet.
This in turn has a small cabin that is equipped with many features such as a V-shaped seat, an electric kitchen, a bunk bed and some controls for an incredible and practical handling.
This boat is characterized by its general style that is a little simple but elegant at the same time, which has earned it a great reputation, so much so that there are 2 models of this boat, the Open that is manufactured in the United States and the Walkaround that is manufactured in Europe.
It is considered practical to be transported by land to others, thanks to its measurements of 12.8 meters slogan and sleeve is 3.50 meters.
What can offer you the Ibiza Barracuda charter of the Van Dutch 40?
This watercraft rental offers you a package that includes insurance against risks or theft of the boat and an integrated 800 W sound system. This is clear if you decide to spend a day on this boat.
The price to be able to acquire the same varies depending on the tide season: for medium and low, it will be 1400 euros and for high, 1800 euros.
It should be noted that the price does not include gasoline consumed during the trip, nor VAT charged by the intermediary.
As you can see, the model Van Dutch 40 in its two versions is equipped juicy enough to organize any activity alone or with sea acquaintances.
If you want to rent one of these boats, just go to Ibiza Boat and Yacht Charter in Av. 8 de Agosto, 07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, where you will have the support of the most qualified experts in the field.
It should be noted that there is also the possibility of contacting the sellers through the Whatsapp application at +34 649 633 299.
You can also send a message to the following email address explaining which model you want to buy this boat, or if you prefer, consult the messages uploaded by the administrators of the company on their social networks Instagram and Facebook and then contact them.

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