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Sailing requires that we dress appropriately, both to avoid damage to our clothing and to adequately protect our bodies against the climate to which we will be exposed. The nautical clothing that must be worn on board is defined mainly according to 2 factors: the time we will spend on the boat (whether it is just a sunny day in which we will use the swimsuit only in the boat, or whether it is a stay of several weeks in a sailboat surrounding a coast) and the type of climate of the place where will be sailed, after which the material of the clothing is defined, which is generally summer or winter climate, for the latter, Barcos. Online offers the xm coastal red nautical jacket.

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In any weather, for a stay of several days, you must always have with you: Clothing that can get wet and is resistant. This feature is fulfilled by the xm coastal red size s nautical jacket, made under the strictest quality controls and offering protection in climates as cold as the Arctic Circle, but also as comfortable as possible thanks to its articulated elbow pads, double zipper, life jacket attachment and more.

This jacket is made of polyamide and its hydrophobic coating resists attacks from the sea and extreme weather conditions, it also offers resistance to possible tears. outboard pull-2

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If you are a regular sailor and this is the first time you experience extreme cold, it is important to know that in addition to this jacket, all your clothing must be adapted to the low temperatures you will experience. So the underwear must be warm and in this point the clothes must be absolutely waterproof; the xm coastal red nautical jacket is therefore a complement to this set. more info…

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